30 things my tortoise taught me



1. In the end it is better to be striking than beautiful. And it is okay to paint your nails green.

2. It is very important to have two strong arms.

3. You don’t want to eat too much dry food.

4. It is better to see the world from one place than to blindly dash about everywhere and notice nothing at all.

5. You don’t need to be loud to get noticed.

6. Home is something you carry with you.

7. Slow and steady beats fast and stupid, every time.

8. The greatest pleasures include a good meal, a long lie in the bath, and warm sun on your back.

9. It is okay to hide if the company is not to your style.

10. Green vegetables keep you alive. Especially broccoli.

11. Determination is a like a super power all of its own.

12. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t get lazy.

13. Worry isn’t a good use of time. Tortoises don’t worry.

14.There are numerous advantages to being flat chested.

15. Having long shiny hair isn’t everything.

16. Everyone – and every thing – loves a great bass line.

17. You can live perfectly well without knowing a thing about celebrities or politicians.

18. You won’t regret one missed hour of TV, phone messaging or social networking.

19. Lettuce is important.

20. Promises aren’t necessary – if you are going to do something, you will; if you won’t, you won’t.

21. Being around is the most important part of being a friend.

22. Curiosity is underrated.

23. When you fall on your back it is important to get yourself back up – so you aren’t miserable and you don’t squash your lungs.

24. It really does take 20 minutes for every living thing to wake up. Even tortoises yawn.

25. Sometimes you can collect memories in your shell and they go no further, and that is okay.

26. You can find comfort in a friend who is 100 times bigger than you, or 100 times smaller.

27. Sleep is necessary. All living things do better with it.

28. If you are tired enough you can sleep buried under a pile of wood.

29. However, it is preferable to find a warm shoulder to sleep on.

30. It will probably take quite some time to get what you want, but that time is passing anyway. You should probably start now.


3 Responses to “30 things my tortoise taught me”

  1. Very inspiring, Helen!

  2. You have a wise tortoise there Helen

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