The Year of the Quit

THIS January I quit Coca Cola.

It was all in an effort to stave off bad skin, grumpy behaviour and dependence on a carbonated drink that looks like muddy water and has all the nutritional benefits of a punch in the face.

I have been surviving on no less than a can a day for about a year now, always to get me through afternoons writing in front of a computer.

The task was harder than I had intended. Every day this month, during my 3pm crash hour, I wondered if it was worth the pain. What exactly is one proving by rejecting a mild caffeinated vice? Just do it, do it, buy one, do it, do it.

I wasn’t saving money or becoming more virtuous by saying no to those silver cans from the sky. God knows I bought into a whole host of other coping strategies – mostly full of sugar and equally unhealthy – in an effort to do without my self-banned substance.

However, I stuck to my own rule and 31 days later I have been left feeling oddly cleansed. I have succeeded despite myself. I have beaten the thing – that weird voice in your head. Do it, do it, do it.

These four-week experiments are a weird way to get to know yourself and society’s dependence on strange modern life-junk.

To continue, as of tomorrow I will quit alcohol for a whole February (notice I’ve picked the month with the least days for this one). Maybe it will be enlightening, maybe I’ll want to strangle drunken friends, we’ll see. 

March, I aim to quit Facebook. Who knows what that will do.

April and beyond are yet to be decided – giving up buying imported clothing/food? Quitting sandwiches? Who knows.

Other ideas welcome. Call me mad and wish me luck.


One Response to “The Year of the Quit”

  1. A few alternative ideas:

    Give up discipline.
    Give up punishment.
    Give up guilt.
    Give up shopping.
    Give up healthy living.
    Give up being bossed around by men.
    Give up listening to music and visiting art museums.
    Give up sports.
    Give up culture.
    Give up newspapers.
    Give up advertising.
    Give up adherence to the rules of the spaces in which you live.
    Give up your gender role.
    Give up your class position.
    Give up work.

    I must note: I’m crap at giving up anything. So, I guess Coca-Cola is a good start 😀


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