I’ve been to the year 3000

A global opinion poll has revealed that 73% of us want the government to make green issues a higher priority. We’d like a plan please. But it’s a tricky business.

My parents recently came back from a touring trip around America bringing back every peace of holiday tack they could carry. I’m currently sitting on my sofa wearing a genuine coconut watch, two bamboo bracelets, a Snoopy t-shirt and a Hawaii flower hair clip, with a bar of Hersheys 104% fat chocolate. I look like a tacky-item-magnet. Their trip involved about 3,000 air miles, not to mention the drive to Heathrow and the Route 66 option.

Add to this the fact that my sister has collected a new carrier bag from practically every place she’s ever visited and the household dishwasher is on so regularly that when it’s not on everyone asks where the quiet is coming from and you begin to see the problem.

I just can’t see me, or any of the rest of concerned Britain, power walking down the A52 each morning with a wheelbarrow, carrying organic beans into Nottingham city centre to feed the gym-goers powering the surrounding district. I can’t see us all planting baby wind turbines in our back yards, like daisies from a warped episode of The Prisoner. And solar panels – well, that’s just a dream for the English. The amount of sun we get over a fifteen year period probably couldn’t boil a kettle on a warm day.

I would hate to think the cheery boyband Busted have predicted it right and by the year 3,000 we’ll be living underwater. So how are we going to do it? Professional footballers has psychologists come and help them imagine scoring a goal. Apparently sports stars visualise stuff all the time and it increases their chances of getting that goal, jumping that hurdle and running those oh so many miles.

http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/sport_psych/a/aa091700a.htm – see.

I think scientists and artists and kids on bikes somewhere, needs to start imagining how we’re going to become eco-cool or it’s just never going to happen.


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